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Clinics and Workshops Fall 2019!

HORSEBACK ARCHERY WEEKEND WORKSHOPS: Training 9 am to 4 pm Saturdays and Sundays through the fall!

Most Saturdays and Sundays from now until December 22nd, 2019 we will run 1-day introductory horseback archery workshops for up to 9 participants at the Seawinds Horse Archers Training Centre, 8 Old Baxter's Mill Road, Canning, NS.  Cost for all clinics is $90 total per day, including a midday meal and snacks.  All equipment is provided including bows and arrows.  Payment can happen on the morning of each workshop.  


Saturday workshops will be for beginners and is called “Introducing the Archery Style that Works on the Back of a Galloping Horse!”  This day is for all beginners who are new to the ways of the horsebow, whether or not you are an experienced rider. The student will receive a general introduction to horseback archery with a focus on learning the archery technique required to develop an ability to shoot arrows quickly and accurately while keeping one’s eyes on the target.  This teaching is done on the ground without horses in this first day.  We learn a series of dynamic drills and martial forms to develop core strength and an intuitive ability for shooting with balance and in rhythm with the horse.  We learn to create a personal training plan for discipline, progression, safety, and success. 


Sunday workshops build on the archery teachings from the Saturday workshop, and is called “To the Horse with a Bow!”  This one is all about taking it to the next level--riders will actually start to use the bow on our prepared archery horses.  Experienced riders may get to the stage of cantering and shooting, while beginners will have to take it more slowly.  This is where we put the archery and the riding together for the first time, or returning students can take the Sunday workshop multiple times for further development.  We will finish with a mini competition and have a walk/trot class for those who need to take it slower or are not ready for cantering yet. Some participants may ask to bring their own horses, but this will depend on the experience of the horse and the rider.  We have a couple outdoor paddocks for these visiting horses. Riders must have current NS Equestrian Federation membership (or your provincial equivalent).


What to bring: Dress with multiple layers and prepare for cool seawinds because we are right beside the Bay of Fundy shoreline!  Bring changes of cloths, athletic footwear, your own riding helmets and boots, and prepare to sweat, run, and have a lot of fun!  Don’t forget your water containers!


Facilities and Camping: For people wishing to stay overnight we have one little rustic cabin that sleeps two adults (in close quarters) and can be rented for $75 per night, or the true nomad can pitch their tent for no extra cost.  We have dreamy warm outdoor showers and a world-class outdoor toilet! Bring your own camping food and we’ll make sure there’s propane in the BBQ and wood for the campfire! 


​​Please email or text Lance Bishop with questions, or register online with the following link:



EMAIL: lance@wildmountain.ca lance@wildmountain.ca Cell phone for texting: 902-670-0860