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Private & Group Lessons $50/hr or $250 per full day of instruction at Seawinds Training Centre

Getting started with horse archery can be daunting.  There are many shooting styles taught in the world and abundant information resources on the internet.  Nothing beats a direct introduction from an experienced teacher. 

A great way to begin is to start with a group or private lesson.  Lessons are available at your location or at the Seawinds training centre in Baxter's Harbour during the warmer months, and usually during the week (not weekend).  Instruction is $50 per hour or $250 for a day-long sesson (6-8 hours on site). 

During the first lesson, students will get an overview of horse archery as a martial art and competition sport, a brief description of how to prepare horses for horsearchery, an introduction to equipment, and instruction on the unique fast shooting technique taught in Hungary by Lajos Kassai.     


Weekly Classes Passes!

Seawinds is currently offering weekend classes at the Seawinds Training Centre, 8 Old Baxter's Mill Road:

5 pm to sunset Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays this fall!

This fall from 20 Sept. to 22 Dec. we will offer Seawinds Training Center passes for up to 33 training sessions for $210 per season pass.  Training will happen weekends on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays from 4 pm to sunset each day. 

The goal of the classes is to offer flexible times so you can get to the next level of your development as a horseback archer, whether that means more arrows on the ground, in the saddle, or on the track.  We will make a training plan for each student depending on the training needed for the stage you are at on your way to becoming a more formidable horseback archer!  

Email Lance Bishop with any questions or to get a pass: lance@wildmountain.ca


Bring Horsearchery to your Stable! Host an Intro Clinic!

Clinics allow us to cover a lot of education in a short time, like a weekend!  They can be the most affordable setting to get a great overview and good introduction to the huge new world of modern horseback archery.  They also tend to be events where lifelong friendships are started between people with common interests.

Seawinds Horse Archery can offer a clinic for just about anywhere in Canada.  We administrate the clinic financially for insurance purposes, requiring the host to simply provide a location and date and to help with marketing.  If enough people sign up for a clinic, the weekend can end up being a money maker for a stable, possibly to help fund the purchase of equipment to start a new club!  During the first clinic for an area, a very high focus is devoted to the archery technique and associated training drills (there are dozens).  These are taught at first on the ground, not on horseback.  This is because the shooting style itself is unique in traditional archery, and must be developed in each new student to a point where it can be executed with intuition (a capacity to be done with minimal thinking), and most of this education happens before we are on the horse with the bow.  Even loading an arrow on the string without looking is a challenging task that is learned on the ground before we attempt it at a canter.  Introducing the bow to your horse may be a slow process also.  Some horses are fine with it in the first day, others take months to feel safe when arrows start flying!  It must generally be carried out out over at least a few horse sessions, and sometimes we only teach the rider that which they must present to their horse when they get home.  Therefor, early clinics are about learning what we have to take home and practice, in horse-paced time!

If you are interested in hosting a clinic, they can happen at any time of the year.  We will need to be sheltered from the elements in the wintertime and require a facility that is not susceptible to damages from stray arrows.  Fabric buildings are acceptable as long as they have wood walls to a height of about 4 feet on one end.  We can host 1 day, 2 day, or 3 day clinics, with the depth of topics increasing each day.  We also can design a series of clinics meant to encourage and monitor development for individual participants. Archery equipment is provided for up to 12 participants and additional participants can attend with their own equipment or order it from us ahead of time.

See the events page for clinics and training camps booked in the near future!