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Seawinds Horse Archery Club is the first of its kind in Atlantic Canada.  Founded in 2018 with 6 members, we hosted an ambitious training camp in our first year with the renown Lajos Kassai and then our first Kassai Horsearchery Open Worldcup (KHOW) competition.  Our 36 participants represented 5 countries and 5 Canadian provinces.  Our mission is to safely introduce the martial art and modern sport of horseback archery to more people in our region.

Our primary location and official Kassai competition track is located on Wild Mountain Farm in Baxter's Harbour, Nova Scotia.  Seawinds Horse Archery Club is an affiliated member of the Canadian Federation of Mounted Archery, through which we carry club insurance for training and competition events.

To spread the knowledge of horse archery, we are offering weekly training classes and regular clinics.  Clinics are also available to stables or groups of people further away and in other provinces.  

Our instructor is club president, Lance Bishop, a Kassai Horsearchery International Judge.  Please contact Lance to find out more about upcoming classes or a clinic near you! 

Become a member of Seawinds Horse Archers Club for ($25/year)

After a student has attended 4 regular training classes they may apply to be a member of Seawinds Horse Archers Club (HAC).  Annual membership is $25 per year.  We are affiliated with the Canadian Federation of Mounted Archery (CFMA) and membership in Seawinds HAC automatically makes one a member of the CFMA.  Members who participate in training events or competitions as a rider must also be a member of their provincial Equestrian Canada body.  In Nova Scotia this is the Nova Scotia Equestrian Federation (membership fee is $50 per year).  

Seawinds members receive the following awesome benefits:

  • regular group training and clinics at our training centre, 8 Old Baxter's Mill Rd, Baxter's Harbour.   

  • Access to director positions and a voice in building horsearchery in Canada

  • Full transparency of CFMA and Seawinds activities and finances

  • Liability insurance coverage during club activities 

  • Access to the International Horseback Archery Alliance (IHAA) grading system and postal matches

  • Access to “by invite only” international competitions


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